When Straylight Technologies began as a company over ten years ago, we had the goal of providing top notch information technology consulting services to small businesses in the North Texas area and abroad.

Along the way though, it was quickly visible that there were many opportunities for some of the things we were providing within the scope of consulting that could be turned into products. One of the products that we will begin offering shortly is the FenceWorx suite of applications and Web services.

FenceWorx provides the fencebuilder a platform for customer management, form printing, and warranty/support all within a single application. No longer does the business have to rely on multiple applications. Additionally, Straylight Technologies bundles customer by customer customization of the application tailor fit to meet their specific needs.

FenceWorx is currently being beta-tested by several current customers and will become available along with its own Web Site very shortly.

While we are putting the finishing touches on the FenceWorx product offering, please contact us if you would like to ask us a question about the FenceWorx suite.

Please bookmark this page and check back frequently for more information about FenceWorx.

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